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Light House Radio #002

5/10/2020 - Mother's Day

Mother's Day Playlist - Curated by my Mom.


Light House Radio #001

4/22/2020 - Earth Day

Welcome to the first episode of Light House Radio, this initial episode is dedicated to medical & essential workers in NYC. We thank you for your incredible hard work and sacrifices. Here in NYC we give a big round of applause for the city's workers at 7am & 7pm, let's make it louder everyday.

This reggae heavy episode was created to help you celebrate Earth Day and connect with nature, we suggest getting outside for a walk to your nearest park for some fresh air. Be conscious of your neighbors and please practice social distancing. Take some time to think about the trash and pollution you create, and some solutions you can implement to reduce your environmental impact. The Green Education Foundation is a great source to learn how to use less plastic.

If you have proper gloves and a mask, take some time to clean up trash and do some good for the Earth. 

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay inspired.

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